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Our mission is simple. Together, along with thousands of the best independent and small chain pizza restaurants nationwide, we are changing the way America orders pizza. In 2011 we learned that nearly 90% of all online pizza orders nationwide were being placed with large national chains. We launched our service to help bridge this online ordering and marketing gap for the independent pizzerias. As native New Yorkers we prefer local pizza over the big chains and have positioned ourselves as the service to represent all local pizzerias online and make them available in a very easy to use website or app. To date, thousands of pizza restaurants have already joined, for whom we have generated over $60 Million in food sales.

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How Do We Do It?

In plain terms, we make it easier for customers to order from your restaurant instead of a Dominos or Pizza Hut. Unlike other online ordering services, we only work with pizza restaurants so you don't have to compete with other delivery and takeout categories. By only focusing on the pizza industry, we are able to design our entire service to best fit your pizzeria's needs. We took the time to create a pizza builder, multiple topping choices, special pizza categories and much more.

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